A uniquely Australian take on the Warmachine miniature game by Privateer Press.

January 29th, 2016    

OzGuildBallMachine - Episode 51

WARNING: The Warmachine content in this episode is very light on. We do discuss Moops and Leeps run at the Masters, but after that its predominantly Guild Ball!  Also, the audio levels may be slightly up and down due to the microphone setup we had to use.

Welcome back listeners!  We had our first reunion at Cancon 2016 since putting the show on hiatus, and the urge to podcast was strong for many reasons.  In the end we bit the bullet, and on Monday night we sat down in front a microphone, with a live audience and a huge special guest, and recorded this episode!  We discuss the Guild Ball event at Cancon, interview the creator of the game, Mat Hart, and design a new Guild live on the show. We manage to elicit some HUGE spoilers from Mat as well.  As usual, we appreciate any feedback and support. We do not foresee the podcast returning on a regular basis at this stage.

November 25th, 2015    

OzMachine - Epilogue

Hey guys!  This episode explains what has been happening for us recently, and where we are at with the show moving forwards.  We appreciate all the support, thanks for an amazing experience.

Trent, James, Ben

October 21st, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 50

Welcome to our celebratory 50th episode!  Bwoot bwoot!  :)

We have the lucky winner of the Clockwork Dragon OzMachine prize on as our special guest, Blacky!  He joins us as we talk about Minions, building a community (specifically in Ballarat, but pertaining to any newish meta) and then we talk about Naaresh.

Also after our preamble is our first Guild Ball segment!  We give people who may not have heard about the game a primer on the game, delving into some of the basic rules, the guilds themselves, and then our plans for the game. The excitement is palpable!

Thanks for listening!


October 5th, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 49

Hey guys, welcome back for Episode 49 of OzMachine!  This week we finish off our WTC stories, and talk about the aftermath of the event.  Then, we chat about the spoilers that came out from Devastation.  Moops and Ben get super excited, and Deno just listens to them gush effusively. Thanks for listening!


September 28th, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 48

Hey guys, welcome back for the WTC review episode!  It's been a while and we apologise for that.  Ben, James and Deno spend over three hours discussing the incredible trip they have just returned from.  It includes raw sadness, elation and all of the emotions in between. Also some super sweet game reviews and mad matchup discussion.

Thanks for all the support.  We will be back next week with another episode! ... Hopefully

August 26th, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 47

NOTE: Unfortunately due to Deno being away for work, the audio quality from this episode is not up to our usual standards.  Benny has some lag and audio issues.  We felt it was still good enough to release, and should be resolved for next weeks episode.

Errata-sode!  We wanted to talk about another WTC team, but we ended up going way too indepth into the errata.  We discuss the impact of the errata on the WTC.  Thanks for listening!

August 21st, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 46

The WTC is almost upon us and you can hear the excitement in our voices!  We begin our exhaustive WTC coverage with the first of our list breakdowns.  We cover off on some general stats of the lists that have now been revealed to the general public, and we follow this with indepth discussion of the two teams from Sweden!   Thanks for listening, we will have more episodes coming out over the next three weeks!


August 17th, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 45

OzMachine Episode 45.  It's the sickest.  Get amongst it.  Join Big Deno, Moopsy and Andrew "Guns" Galea for a rollicking good time.  They talk about starting Warmachine from the ground up, and also field some listener questions.  Thanks for downloading.  Reyt proper.


August 10th, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 44

Hey guys, another episode of OzMachine hits the internet with far more success than last weeks piece of shit episode that didnt record.  We commiserate about how bad it was to lose that episode... and then roll on into cool spoilers and stuff!  This week marks exactly 4 weeks until we go to Europe for the WTC... Four more episodes.  You will feel the tension and excitement building!  Thanks for listening!


July 27th, 2015    

OzMachine - Episode 43

Welcome back for another episode of OzMachine!  Episode 43 to be precise.  James, Ben and Deno recollect fondly their experiences at the major Australian events, Wintercon and Convic.  Much sledging was had.  Deno is unbearable.  Thanks for listening!


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